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Biographies for Grades 3-5

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Biographies for Grades 3-5
WB-145999 20 Book Assortm... $179.00
Between Two Worlds: A Story About Pearl S. Buck
WB-X69909 Paperback $8.95
WB-469909 Group Set $85.00
WB-569909 Class Set $255.00
Chocolate By Hershey: A Story about Milton S. Hershey
WB-146418 Paperback $8.95
WB-446418 Group Set $85.00
WB-546418 Class Set $255.00
Click! A Story about George Eastman
WB-144725 Paperback $8.95
WB-444725 Group Set $85.00
WB-544725 Class Set $255.00
Dance of the Swans: A Story about Anna Pavlova
WB-X69916 Paperback $8.95
WB-469916 Group Set $85.00
WB-569916 Class Set $255.00
Fine Print: A Story about Johann Gutenberg
WB-145659 Paperback $8.95
WB-445659 Group Set $85.00
WB-545659 Class Set $255.00
Germ Hunter: A Story about Louis Pasteur
WB-149298 Paperback $8.95
WB-449298 Group Set $85.00
WB-549298 Class Set $255.00
Go Free or Die: A Story about Harriet Tubman
WB-145047 Paperback $8.95
WB-445047 Group Set $85.00
WB-545047 Class Set $255.00
A Hunger for Learning: A Story about Booker T. Washington
WB-X30909 Paperback $8.95
WB-430909 Group Set $85.00
WB-530909 Class Set $255.00
Listening to Crickets: A Story about Rachel Carson
WB-146159 Paperback $8.95
WB-446159 Group Set $85.00
WB-546159 Class Set $255.00
Living with the Senecas: A Story about Mary Jemison
WB-X68353 Paperback $8.95
WB-468353 Group Set $85.00
WB-568353 Class Set $255.00
Mr. Blue Jeans: A Story about Levi Strauss
WB-145888 Paperback $8.95
WB-445888 Group Set $85.00
WB-545888 Class Set $255.00
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