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Working Hard, Working Extreme Transitional Readers

Take your students on a tour of interesting jobs and extreme workplaces and machines. They will explore how certain professionals spend their days, what equipment they use, and what skills they need. And they will meet some of the world's biggest, toughest, and most extreme machines used to do a job. 32 pages. Set includes 14 books: Who Cleans Dinosaur Bones?: Working at a Museum, Who Counts the Penguins?: Working in Antarctica, Who Lands Planes on a Ship?: Working on a Aircraft Carrier, Who Rolls Through Fire?: Working on a Movie Set, Who Scoops Elephant Poo?: Working at a Zoo, Who Swings the Wrecking Ball?: Working on a Construction Site, Who Walks in Space?: Working in Space, Who Walks the Tightrope?: Working at a Circus, The World's Biggest Machines, The World's Dirtiest Machines, The World's Fastest Machines, The World's Most Unusual Machines, The World's Smartest Machines, The World's Toughest Machines.
WB-253128 14 Book Assortment $111.50

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