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Library Card Pockets - Self-Adhesive

These library card pockets are made of heavy, durable manila stock.  Will hold library cards or any 3" x 5" card.  Pressure sensitive, peel and stick backing eliminates glue mess and speeds processing time.

What else can you do with library card pockets? Here are some ideas...

You could mount them on cardstock, three hole punch, and use to hold ticket stubs and little treasures in your scrapbook or memory book. Make an "ideas" folder.  Attach library card pockets to a manila folder and label the pockets with different projects or areas you are working on and ideas you are looking for. Maybe good books for reluctant readers, fun grammar games, easy holiday art projects, things to bring from home to school. Keep a stack of 3"x 5" cards on your desk. When inspiration hits, a quick note on the card, pop it in your folder, and you will never wonder what happened to that great idea. You can make a calendar with the pockets. Number the pockets with a thick felt pen and glue them onto a sheet of poster board. Then, have your student calendar monitor tuck in a favorite picture or a picture that goes along with a topic you want to teach into "their" day's pocket.  You could make your own inexpensive learning games. Number the pockets and students put in the correct number of dots or squares. Write each letter on a pocket and students put in the correct picture for something that begins with that letter. Glue a picture on a pocket and students put in a picture of something that rhymes. For older students, number the pockets and students put in cards with addition and/or subtraction problems with that number as the answer. Write the digital time on a pocket and students put in a card showing the correct time on an analog clock. Write an amount of money on a pocket and students put in the correct pretend bills and/or coins to make up that amount.

WB-385 Package of 50 $9.99

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