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240 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know

Build word power with 24 ready-to-reproduce, 3-page lessons!

Each lesson teaches ten words, and includes research-based activities that tap students' prior knowledge for greater understanding and give them multiple encounters with new words so they really remember them. Topics include synonyms, antonyms, compound words, content area vocabulary related to key science and social studies topics, and much more. Watch reading skills soar!

How to use this product:

As you introduce the lessons, have the following items available: beginning dictionaries
and thesauruses, and writing notebooks or journals in which students can record words and use them in sentences!

Reproducible. 80 pages.

WB-460507 Grade 1 $12.99
WB-460514 Grade 2 $12.99
WB-468633 Grade 3 $12.99
WB-280443 Grade 4 $12.99
WB-280451 Grade 5 $12.99
WB-28046X Grade 6 $12.99
WB-280499 Set of all 6 - One each of all six 240 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know, Grades 1-6 $75.00

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