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Shakespeare's Sonnets and Poems: Folger Edition

The Gold Standard of Shakespeare's poems: The New Folger Library edition of Shakespeare's Poems and Sonnets provides accurate texts in modern spelling and punctuation, as well as summaries, full explanatory notes, many pictures clarifying Shakespeare's language, and notes recording all significant departures from the early printed versions. This volume is prefaced by a brief introduction, a guide to reading Shakespeare's language, and by accounts of his life and theater. Completely re-edited, this edition puts readers in touch with current ways of thinking about Shakespeare. Each text is based directly on what the editors consider the best early printed version of a particular poem, and contains full explanatory notes on the page facing the text that they explain. Book includes an annotated list of further readings and by a "Modern Perspective" written by an expert.
WB-69263 Paperback $0.00
WB-49263 Group Set - A Group Set has ten paperbacks. $56.90
WB-59263 Class Set - A Class Set has thirty paperbacks. $170.70

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