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Chocolate Fever

Henry Green is a boy who loves chocolate. He likes it bitter, sweet, dark, light, and daily; for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks; in cakes, candy bars, milk, and every other form you can possibly imagine. Henry probably loves chocolate more than any boy in the history of the world. One day-it starts off like any other day-Henry finds that strange things are happening to him. First he makes medical history with the only case of Chocolate Fever ever. Then he finds himself caught up in a wild and hilarious chase, climaxed by a very unusual hijacking!

Reading Level 3-4.  
WB-2293 Paperback $5.99
WB-4293 Group Set - A Group Set has ten paperbacks and one Portals. $77.85
WB-5293 Class Set - A Class Set has thirty paperbacks and one Portals. $207.65
WB-74937 Portals $17.95
WB-371769 Teacher Guide $11.99
WB-377031 Student Packet $12.99
WB-14170 Lit Links $14.99
WB-82337 Novel-Ties $16.95

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