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Morning Girl

Morning Girl, who loves the day, and her younger brother Star Boy, who loves the night, take turns describing their life on an island in pre-Columbian America; in Morning Girl's last narrative, she witnesses the arrival of the first Europeans to her world.Tells the story of Morning Girl and her brother, Star Boy, two Native Americans of the Taino tribe, their family, and their community, as they grow up together in the Bahamas in the fateful year of 1492.

Reading Level 5.  
Interest Level 6-8.  
WB-22501 Paperback $5.99
WB-4668002 Cover Craft $14.25
WB-171166 Audio CD $24.95
WB-42501 Group Set - A Group Set has ten paperbacks. $56.90
WB-52501 Class Set - A Class Set has thirty paperbacks. $170.70

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