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Nothing But the Truth

In this thought-provoking examination of freedom, patriotism, and respect, ninth-grader, Philip Malloy, is kept from joining the track team by his failing grades in English class. Convinced that the teacher just doesn't like him, Philip concocts a plan to get transferred out of her class. Breaking the school's policy of silence during the national anthem, he hums along, and ends up in a crisis at the center of the nation's attention. A Newbery Honor Book.

Reading Level 6.  
Interest Level 6-12.  
WB-2683 Paperback $6.99
WB-3185002 Cover Craft $16.25
WB-4683 Group Set - A Group Set has ten paperbacks and one Novel-Ties. $86.85
WB-5683 Class Set - A Class Set has thirty paperbacks and one Novel-Ties. $226.65
WB-377406 Teacher Guide $11.99
WB-80415 Novel-Ties $16.95

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