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Grade 6 (Level 12), Test Best on the ITBS

Test Best on the ITBS Grade 6/Level 12 has been developed to refresh basic skills, familiarize students with test formats and directions, and to teach test taking strategies for the ITBS Grade 6. Test Best provides teachers with materials to ensure that students take the test under optimal conditions so students are able to concentrate on what they know without being overwhelmed by a testing situation with which they are unfamiliar. Being well prepared for the test means knowing how to use time wisely. By using the Test Best books prior to the administration of the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, students will learn time management skills, as well as be able to control their anxiety about the test and to keep their concentration high throughout the testing period. Armed with the skills they have learned as they work through Test Best on the ITBS Grade 6, students can truly perform well. Covers: vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, word usage, choosing the correct word or phrase, number sentences, probability, measurement, geometry, estimation, word problems, working with graphs and tables, addition, subtraction and multiplication of whole numbers and fractions, division, working with maps, charts and diagrams, using an index, using reference materials. No answers in student edition. Answers and test administration information in teacher edition only. 94 pages, copyright 1995. The Teacher Edition to Test Best on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) Grade 6/Level 12 gives you the answers, timing per test section, and test directions for the corresponding Student Edition. Each student page appears in the Teacher Edition but the answers are printed directly on this facsimile student page so it is not possible for students to work in the Teacher Edition.

WB-28637 Student Edition $12.50
WB-28729 Teacher Edition - Physical book $32.95
WB-38729 Student Edition plus Teacher Edition PDF - Student Edition is a physical book and Teacher Edition is a PDF that is emailed to you. $17.95
WB-48637 Group Set - A Group Set includes ten of the same title Student Edition and one Teacher Edition book. $157.95
WB-58637 Class Set - A Class Set includes thirty of the same title Student Edition and one Teacher Edition book. $407.95

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