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Far From Madding Crowd Bargain Book
WB-X56843 Paperback $5.50
WB-456843 Group Set $52.25
WB-556843 Class Set $156.75
Federalist Papers
WB-196368 Paperback $5.50
WB-496368 Group Set $52.25
WB-596368 Class Set $156.75
Frankenstein Bargain Book
WB-282114 Paperback $6.00
WB-482114 Group Set $57.00
WB-582114 Class Set $171.00
The Gambler Bargain Book
WB-290812 Paperback $4.00
WB-490812 Group Set $38.00
WB-590812 Class Set $114.00
The Genealogy of Morals Bargain Book
WB-X26914 Paperback $3.50
WB-426914 Group Set $33.25
WB-526914 Class Set $99.75
The Gift Of the Magi and Other Short Stories
WB-270616 Paperback $3.50
WB-470616 Group Set $33.25
WB-570616 Class Set $99.75
The Gold Bug and Other Tales Bargain Book
WB-268750 Paperback $3.50
WB-468750 Group Set $33.25
WB-568750 Class Set $99.75
Great Expectations Bargain Book
WB-115864 Paperback $7.00
WB-415864 Group Set $66.50
WB-515864 Class Set $199.50
Great Horror Stories Bargain Book
WB-X61434 Paperback $4.50
WB-461434 Group Set $42.75
WB-561434 Class Set $128.25
Gulliver's Travels Bargain Book
WB-292732 Paperback $6.00
WB-492732 Group Set $57.00
WB-592732 Class Set $171.00
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