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Hamlet Bargain Book
WB-272788 Paperback $3.50
WB-472788 Group Set $33.25
WB-572788 Class Set $99.75
The Heart Of Darkness Bargain Book
WB-264646 Paperback $3.35
WB-464646 Group Set $31.85
WB-564646 Class Set $95.55
Hedda Gabler Bargain Book
WB-264691 Paperback $2.75
WB-464691 Group Set $26.15
WB-564691 Class Set $78.45
House of the Seven Gables Bargain Book
WB-X08828 Paperback $6.00
WB-408828 Group Set $57.00
WB-508828 Class Set $171.00
The Illiad Bargain Book
WB-108835 Paperback $5.00
WB-408835 Group Set $47.50
WB-508835 Class Set $142.50
The Imaginary Invalid Bargain Book
WB-X37897 Paperback $3.00
WB-437897 Group Set $28.50
WB-537897 Class Set $85.50
The Importance of Being Earnest Bargain Book
WB-264783 Paperback $3.35
WB-464783 Group Set $31.85
WB-564783 Class Set $95.55
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
WB-119312 Paperback $4.00
WB-419312 Group Set $38.00
WB-519312 Class Set $114.00
The Inferno Bargain Book
WB-X42884 Paperback $4.50
WB-442884 Group Set $42.75
WB-542884 Class Set $128.25
The Invisible Man Bargain Book
WB-270715 Paperback $3.00
WB-470715 Group Set $28.50
WB-570715 Class Set $85.50
The Island of Dr. Moreau Bargain Book
WB-290270 Paperback $4.00
WB-490270 Group Set $38.00
WB-590270 Class Set $114.00
The Jabberwocky and Other Poems Bargain Book
WB-X15826 Paperback $3.00
WB-415826 Group Set $28.50
WB-515826 Class Set $85.50
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