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The Necklace and Other Short Stories Bargain Book
WB-270647 Paperback $3.00
WB-470647 Group Set $28.50
WB-570647 Class Set $85.50
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Bargain Book
WB-X66576 Paperback $4.00
WB-466576 Group Set $38.00
WB-566576 Class Set $114.00
The Odyssey Bargain Book
WB-X06541 Paperback $4.50
WB-406541 Group Set $42.75
WB-506541 Class Set $128.25
Oliver Twist Bargain Book
WB-X24538 Paperback $6.00
WB-424538 Group Set $57.00
WB-524538 Class Set $171.00
On the Origin of Species Bargain Book
WB-X50063 Paperback $5.50
WB-450063 Group Set $52.25
WB-550063 Class Set $156.75
The Phantom Of The Opera Bargain Book
WB-X26860X Paperback $4.50
WB-426860X Group Set $42.75
WB-526860X Class Set $128.25
The Picture Of Dorian Gray Bargain Book
WB-X34582 Paperback $4.00
WB-434582 Group Set $38.00
WB-534582 Class Set $114.00
The Pilgrim's Progress Bargain Book
WB-X26754 Paperback $5.50
WB-426754 Group Set $52.25
WB-526754 Class Set $156.75
Pride and Prejudice Bargain Book
WB-284736 Paperback $5.00
WB-484736 Group Set $47.50
WB-584736 Class Set $142.50
The Prince and the Pauper Bargain Book
WB-X11101 Paperback $4.00
WB-411101 Group Set $38.00
WB-511101 Class Set $114.00
The Prince Bargain Book
WB-272740 Paperback $3.35
WB-472740 Group Set $31.85
WB-572740 Class Set $95.55
Pygmalion Bargain Book
WB-282220 Paperback $3.00
WB-482220 Group Set $28.50
WB-582220 Class Set $85.50
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