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The Raven and Other Favorite Poems Bargain Book
WB-266855 Paperback $3.35
WB-466855 Group Set $31.85
WB-566855 Class Set $95.55
The Red Badge of Courage Bargain Book
WB-264653 Paperback $4.00
WB-464653 Group Set $38.00
WB-564653 Class Set $114.00
Riders of the Purple Sage Bargain Book
WB-X24569 Paperback $4.50
WB-424569 Group Set $42.75
WB-524569 Class Set $128.25
Rights of Man Bargain Book
WB-X08934 Paperback $4.50
WB-408934 Group Set $42.75
WB-508934 Class Set $128.25
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Bargain Book
WB-272665 Paperback $2.75
WB-472665 Group Set $26.15
WB-572665 Class Set $78.45
Robinson Crusoe Bargain Book
WB-X04271 Paperback $4.50
WB-404271 Group Set $42.75
WB-504271 Class Set $128.25
The Scarlet Letter
WB-280486 Paperback $4.50
WB-480486 Group Set $42.75
WB-580486 Class Set $128.52
The Secret Sharer and Other Stories Bargain Book
WB-275468 Paperback $3.50
WB-475468 Group Set $33.25
WB-575468 Class Set $99.75
Sense and Sensibility Bargain Book
WB-290492 Paperback $6.00
WB-490492 Group Set $57.00
WB-590492 Class Set $171.00
The Song of Hiawatha Bargain Book
WB-247957 Paperback $3.50
WB-447957 Group Set $33.25
WB-547957 Class Set $99.75
The Song of Roland Bargain Book
WB-222404 Paperback $3.50
WB-422404 Group Set $33.25
WB-522404 Class Set $99.75
Sonnets from the Portuguese Bargain Book
WB-270524 Paperback $3.35
WB-470524 Group Set $31.85
WB-570524 Class Set $95.55
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