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Easy Reading Shakespeare Workbooks

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Grade 5 Reading Level: Much Ado About Nothing
WB-SC302B High Interest M... $11.99
Grade 5 Reading Level: The Merchant of Venice
WB-SC304B High Interest M... $11.99
Grade 5 Reading Level: Two Gentlemen of Verona
WB-SC305B High Interest T... $11.99
Grade 5.5 Reading Level: Antony and Cleopatra
WB-SC405B High Interest A... $11.99
Grade 5.5 Reading Level: Hamlet
WB-SC403B High Interest H... $11.99
Grade 5.5 Reading Level: King Richard III
WB-SC402B High Interest R... $11.99
Grade 5.5 Reading Level: Macbeth
WB-SC401B High Interest M... $11.99
Grade 5.5 Reading Level: Twelfth Night
WB-SC404B High Interest T... $11.99
Grade 6 Reading Level: All's Well That Ends Well
WB-SC505B High Interest A... $11.99
Grade 6 Reading Level: Julius Ceasar
WB-SC502B High Interest J... $11.99
Grade 6 Reading Level: King Lear
WB-SC503B High Interest K... $11.99
Grade 6 Reading Level: Othello
WB-SC501B High Interest O... $11.99
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