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Kid-Pleasing Titles Transitional Readers

OK, so disgusting and lurking things aren't your favorite, but kids can't get enough of these books. These books tell them all about the things they wonder about. Disgusting Body Facts combines vivid photographs with lively illustrations to give readers a glimpse into some of the grossest parts of the human body. The What's Lurking books introduce readers to the different pests and plants that could be growing in rooms of an imaginary house. The series mixes photographs and illustrations to show readers what can grow right under their noses. 32 pages. Set includes 10 books: Disgusting Body Facts: Itches and Scratches, Mites and Bites, Ooze and Goo, Puke and Poo, Twitches and Sneezes, What's Lurking in This House?: In These Walls and Floors, In This Bathroom, In This Bedroom, In This Kitchen, In This Living Room.
WB-253129 Ten Book Assortment $79.90

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