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Mapping Your World Transitional Readers

The at-a-glance atlases feature three types of easy-to-understand maps: political, physical, and thematic maps that emphasize the unique attributes of each continent. Facts about the land, weather, animals, plants, flags, and languages give your students a solid understanding of the world around them. The "Mapping" books explain the basic elements of a map such as grids and symbols and teaches key concepts including scale and direction. 32 pages. Set includes 13 books: Atlas of Africa, Atlas of Australia, Altas of Europe, Atlas of North America, Atlas of South America, Atlas of Southwest and Central Asia, Atlas of the Far East and Southeast Asia, Atlas of the Poles and Oceans, Mapping the Land, Mapping the United States, Mapping the World, Mapping Your Community, Reading Maps.
WB-253127 13 Book Assortment $111.50

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