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Historical Fiction for Grades 2-4

Thrilling stories based on true events in American History. 48 pages. Includes: Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad, Buttons for General Washington, The Copper Lady, Cracking the Wall: The Struggles of the Little Rock Nine, Daring Escape of Ellen Craft, Fire at the Triangle Factory, Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express, Keep the Lights Burning Abbie, Schoolchildren's Blizzard, and Will and Orv.

Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad: Recounts how Allen Jay, a young Quaker boy living in Ohio during the 1840s, helped a fleeing slave escape his master and make it to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

Buttons for General Washington: Reconstructs a possible mission of the fourteen-year-old spy who carried messages to George Washington's camp in the buttons of his coat during the Revolutionary War.

The Copper Lady: After helping Monsieur Bartholdi build the Statue of Liberty, a Parisian orphan stows away on the ship carrying the statue to America.

Cracking the Wall: The Struggles of the Little Rock Nine: A brief introduction to the nine African-American students who integrated Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957.

Daring Escape of Ellen Craft: Recounts how Ellen Craft and her husband, William, escaped from slavery disguised as "Mr. Johnson," a young white man with his arm in a sling, and his manservant.

Fire at the Triangle Factory: Two fourteen-year-old girls, sewing machine operators at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, are caught in the famous Triangle fire of 1911.

Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express: When the Des Moines River valley floods in the summer of 1881, the bridge over Honey Creek collapses and Kate Shelley courageously rescues two locomotive crewmen from the creek's swirling waters.

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie: Relates the real-life saga of Abbie Burgess, who single-handedly kept the lighthouse lamps lit during a four-week winter storm that lashed the coast of Maine in 1856.

Schoolchildren's Blizzard: In 1888, Sarah, her younger sister Annie, and their classmates survive a sudden Nebraska blizzard because of the actions of their schoolteacher. Based on the true story of schoolteacher Minnie Freeman.

Will and Orv: On a windy day in Kitty Hawk, N.C. in 1903, the Wright brothers attempt to make history as they prepare the "Flyer" for the world's first engine-powered flight.

Reading Level 3.  
Interest Level 2-4.  
WB-142999 Historical Fiction 10 Pack Assortment $79.90

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