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Grade 7 (Advanced 1) Stanford Tenth Edition-Reading

When you need effective test preparation with authentic practice, Test Best for Stanford Tenth Edition Reading Grade 7/Advanced 1 is the best solution. The Test Best series was developed to help students refresh basic skills, familiarize themselves with test formats and directions, and practice test-taking strategies.  This series reflects the student-friendly, full-color format of the newest version of the Stanford Achievement Test.  The Test Best series also follows the same rigorous, standards-based criteria used to develop test items on the Stanford 10.  By offering level-specific instruction, test-taking tips, and authentic practice, this series helps students prepare strategically and confidently for the Stanford 10.  Being well prepared for a test means knowing how to approach different types of items and how to use time wisely.  By using Test Best for Stanford Tenth Edition Reading Grade 7/Advanced 1, prior to administration of the test, students will learn these skills in addition to controlling their anxiety and maintaining focused concentration.  Armed with the skills they have learned as they work through this book, students can truly perform at their best. Covers: vocabulary, fiction and nonfiction reading comprehension, poetry comprehension, synonyms, analyzing context clues, determining causes and effects, interpreting figurative language, determining sequence of events, discerning author's voice, drawing conclusions and providing support for conclusions, analyzing text structure, forming a hypothesis, identifying characteristics of genre, choosing appropriate reading strategy.  No answers in student edition. Answers and test administration information are in Teacher Edition only. Full color, 96 pages, copyright 2004.  The Teacher Edition to Test Best for Stanford Tenth Edition Reading Grade 7/Advanced 1 gives you the answers, detailed explanations of why the answers are correct, test administration instructions, and suggested timing per section. The Test Best Teacher Edition provides you with targeted materials that ensure students take the test under optimal conditions. There are no student work pages in the Teacher Edition, students must use the Student Edition to work in.

WB-888102 Student Edition $14.50
WB-388308 Teacher Edition PDF - PDF is emailed to you. $7.99

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