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Solving Common Writing Problems Set

Help students avoid common writing mistakes and master the art of writing.

Volume I addresses common writing problems such as: subject-verb agreement, noun-pronoun agreement, apostrophes, awkward sentences, dangling modifiers, bad diction, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, passive voice, quotation marks, colon and semi-colon use, comma errors, and more.

Volume II covers: clarity, cliché, coherence, using critical sources, development, diction, thesis and thesis paragraph, transitions, diction, mixed metaphor, redundancy, verb tense agreement, paragraphing, plagiarism, using quotations, avoiding lazy habits, and more. Strengthens student writing with clear explanations, models, and strategies for writing success. Each topic has a few pages of instructions and examples, and then a page or two of exercises.  Includes teacher support and answer key.  Reproducible.  120 pages.  Grades 9-12.

Set of two books: one Solving Common Writing Problems, Volume I, and one Solving MORE Common Writing Problems. Grades 9-12.

WB-44892 Solving Common Writing Problems: Vol I $32.00
WB-45287 Solving MORE Common Writing Problems $32.00
WB-45299 Set of Both Books $60.00

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