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Critical Thinking: Readings in Nonfiction-Grades 9-12

This best-seller helps high schoolers boost their comprehension and critical thinking when reading nonfiction. 59 short passages have been selected for Critical Thinking: Readings in Nonfiction-High School covering a wide range of topics, with provocative titles such as: Inside a Whale's Belly, The Birth of the Saxophone, The Firewalkers of Bora Bora, Do You Believe in Dreams?...and 55 more. Each passage is followed by a mix of standardized test-like multiple-choice and open-ended questions. Students are prompted to critique the writers' assumptions, while developing their own analytical skills. The 59 passages are grouped in units that target specific critical-thinking skills, such as: citing evidence to support a position or point of view, drawing valid conclusions from data studied, recognizing and remembering key ideas. Questions will boost students' literal-level, inferential-level, and critical thinking-level skills. Questions cover: recognizing and remembering key ideas, identifying the main idea, citing evidence to support a position or point of view, differences among fact/probability/opinion, drawing conclusions, and more. Reproducible. 160 pages.

WB-62756 Critical Thinking: Read Nonfiction-Gr 9-12 $26.00

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