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Persuasive Writing, Grades 6-8

Writing persuasively will help students throughout their academic careers and into adult life. The persuasive writing lessons in this book are designed specifically for students in grades 6-8 and are divided into three categories of persuasive writing: letters, editorials, and reviews. This comprehensive book has parctical, step-by-step lessons in areas such as: developing voice and tone, appealing to the audience, using stylistic devices, and writing leads. In writing about their viewpoints, students need to know how to take a position on an issue, support their position with meaningful examples, and write a conclusion that extends their key ideas. Each lesson contains many ideas for ways to extend the lesson: using portfolios, publishing, utilizing technology, making home-school connections, and assessing the final product. Reproducible. 144 pages.

WB-32996 Persuasive Writing, Grades 6-8 $15.99

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