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Understanding Informational Text Workbook, Gr 6-8+

Understanding Informational Text Features helps middle school students more easily navigate informational text and understand nonfiction content. Informational text conveys accurate, factual information and comes in many different formats, such as books, newspapers, brochures, and the Internet. This book covers: organizational text features such as compare and contrast, main idea and supporting details, table of contents, glossary, index, and appendix, print text features such as bold print, italics, headings, asterisks and bullets, and illustrations and sidebars, and graphic text features such as diagrams, graphs, maps, charts and tables, and time lines. Understanding Informational Text Features offers teachers a variety of instructional options to meet the diverse learning styles of middle-school students. The format of the book is divided into five sections:

Instructional Resources introduce the types, features, and structures of informational text. These handouts can be used as teacher-directed introductory lessons.

Units focus on the most common organizational text structures and text features.

Lessons consist of a student information page and skill check page.

Learning Station Activities build interest, allow for inquiry, and provide students with opportunities to apply skills and concepts.

Project-Based Learning allows students to research and present findings to a real-world problem. Presentation provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of informational text features.

 Aligned to Common Core State Standards and features instruction, practice, and after-work assessment. Reproducible. 64 pages. Grades 6-8.

WB-404181 Understanding Informational Text Features $9.99

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