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Exemplar Texts: Human Body, Grade K

Preparation for reading complex informational texts begins at the very earliest grades. Here are nonfiction books on the topic of the human body that illustrate how you can infuse the English language arts block with rich, age-appropriate content knowledge and vocabulary. Have your students listen to these informational read-alouds to lay the necessary foundation for students’ reading and understanding of increasingly complex texts in subsequent grades. These books were selected by the developers of Common Core State Standards. Set includes: Get Up and Go! By Carlson, Hearing by Rius, My Amazing Body by Thomas, My Five Senses by Aliki Sight by Rius, Sleep Is For Everyone by Showers, Smell by Rius, Taste by Rius, and Touch by Rius. Set of nine books. Kindergarten.

WB-744211 Exemplar Texts: Human Body, Gr K $65.99

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