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Teaching Students to Make Writing Visual and Vivid

Lessons and strategies for helping students elaborate using imagery, anecdotes, dialogue, figurative language, cinematic techniques, scenarios, and sensory details.

It’s all about the pictures. When student writers rely primarily on vague statements, adjectives, and adverbs, their writing doesn’t score well on tests, and worse, sounds generic, voiceless, and dull. Creating vivid pictures is the key to good writing. In this book, a teacher/writer/cartoonist provides tools for helping students write about people, places, events, and even abstractions so that their readers can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste their topics. The author demonstrates ways to use figurative language, movie techniques, moment-by-moment narration, hypothetical scenarios, and dialogue to make any kind of writing come alive on the page. 144 pages. Grades 5-12.

WB-147811 Teach Students to Make Writing Visual & Vivid $19.99

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