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Sing, Spell, Read & Write Level 2 and 3 Program

Students Read to Learn on This Cross-Country Tour

Sing, Spell, Read & Write Level 2 is the natural progression from learning to read to emphasizing reading as a means to learning. It’s a complete language arts program for second grade that integrates reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and comprehension with social studies, drama, and music. Through cross-country reading adventures, students will acquire skills in authentic and process writing, proofreading, and using references, as outlined in the most recent national and state language arts frameworks.

Level 2 Program for 20 Students

Includes Grand Tour Wall Chart with 6 cling-on bus icons; 16 Interactive Phonics Wall Charts; Manuscript and Cursive Wall Charts; Teacher’s Manual for Language Arts; Teacher’s Manual for Reading; Quick Placement Test; Assessment Booklets with Answer keys; 5 Phonics Games; Grand Tour I and Grand Tour II Student Editions with Teacher Answer Keys; Literacy Center Bookshelf Display with 17 Grand Tour Storybook Readers; Manuscript/Cursive Desk Stick-Ons; Level 1 Phonics Songs CD and Grand Tour Music CD; Dry Erase Markers and Erasers; Treasure Chest with Prizes. Separate components available. Please contact us for more information.

Summer School Intervention Kit

This kit is for kindergarten, first, and second grade students. It is designed specifically for short-term tutoring and intervention programs. The kit helps you quickly assess your students and target instruction to the skills they need to develop and master. Put the proven power of music, games and multisensory learning to work for your summer school students. Kit includes: Level 1 Teacher’s Manual, Phonics Songs CD, Teacher Training Video, 5 copies of Raceway Student Books with Annotated Teacher Edition, 1 set of Level 1 Storybooks (17 titles), Raceway Chart plus Racecar Stick-Ons, A-Z Phonics Song Cards, Short Vowel Cards, Ferris Wheel Chart and Tickets, 5 Games, and a Treasure Chest.

Homeschool Kit

The Level 2 Home Kit includes the student books, Grand Tour I and Grand Tour II, an answer key for each book, and an 8-page booklet for cursive writing instruction.


Areas of Focus

·         Phonemic Awareness

·         Phonics

·         Vocabulary

·         Comprehension

·         Oral Language

·         Writing

·         Spelling

·         Intervention

Funding Sources

·         Title I

·         Reading First

·         Even Start

·         Title III

·         Special Education

Precise Solutions

·         Facilitates quick individual student assessment at the beginning of the year.

·         Provides phonics review and intervention with sing-along-and-point charts and CD.

·         Motivates informational reading through engaging nonfiction storybooks.

WB-704822 Level 2 Assessment Book Sets $8.50
WB-704742 Level 2 Storybook Readers - 1 set of 17 titles $147.97
WB-704748 Level 2 Language Arts Teacher Manual $157.00
WB-704745 Level 2 Reading Teacher Manual $157.00

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