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Canta, Deletrea, Lee y Escribe

This Proven, Research-Based Reading Program Gets Outstanding Results!

Now your Spanish-speaking students can develop early literacy skills in a fun-filled, festive classroom with developmentally appropriate and proven activities. These unique and exciting multisensory programs use the universal language of music to provide a creative, nonthreatening environment that engages every learning style and stimulates brain activity.

Canta, Deletrea, Lee y Escribe Pre-Kindergarten Readiness Program for 20

This program makes early literacy skills meaningful through a wide variety of classroom materials and hands-on activities. Students are introduced to the concepts of letter recognition, visual and auditory discrimination, phonemic awareness, and sound/letter correspondences. The Pre-K Readiness program components are: Canta Jolly Trolley Scope and Sequence Chart with Jolly Trolley Stick-On; Canta Pre-K Teacher’s Manual, Canta Pre-K Readiness Songs CD; Canta A-Z Phonics Song Cards; Canta A-Z Manuscript Wall Cards; 20 Canta Jolly Trolley Placemats; Activity Sheets for 20 students; Canta Alph-O Game Cards; Canta Alph-O Puzzles; Canta Award Stickers; Canta Clock Manipulative: Canta Pre-K ABC/Number Line Strip; Shoe Manipulative; Shoe Laces; Pre-k Counting Sticks; Canta Jolly Trolley Static Cling; Canta Alphabet Lane Activity Pages; and Canta Readiness Lane Activity Pages. Separate components available. Please contact us for more information.

Canta, Deletrea, Lee y Escribe Level K/1 Program for 20

The Level K/1 Program incorporates reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, phonics and fluency with step-by-step lesson plans in both English and Spanish. Level K/1 components are: Arranquen los motores Student Editions (20); La bandera de cuadros Student Editions (20); Canta Manuscript Desk Strips; Canta Treasure Chest; Prizes; Dry Erase Markers (20); Erasers (20); Chips; Canta K/1 Teacher’s Manual, Canta K/1 Storybooks (six each of five titles); Canta A-Z Phonics Song Cards; Canta A-Z Manuscript Wall Cards; Canta Vowel Song Cards; Canta Ferris Wheel Chart; Canta Ferris Wheel Tickets; Canta A-Z Sound-O Game; and Canta A-Z Pick-A-Sound Game (2).

Areas of Focus

·         Phonemic Awareness

·         Phonics

·         Vocabulary

·         Comprehension

·         Oral Language

·         Writing

·         Spelling

·         Intervention

Funding Sources

·         Title I

·         Even Start

·         Title III

·         Head Start

·         Reading First


Precise Solutions

·         Teaches phonemic awareness and decoding concepts through look-listen-point and sing-along charts, songs, and echo routines.

·         Follows a consistent Teach, Practice, and Apply lesson structure.

·         Engages every learning style by providing a creative environment that stimulates brain activity.

WB-243676 Kindergarten Ferris Wheel Tickets $47.50
WB-243737 Kindergarten Manuscript Desk Strip $10.00
WB-243591 Level One Arranquen los Motores Student Editi $27.00
WB-243607 Level One La Bandera de Cuadros $34.00
WB-243638 K/1 Teacher's manual $140.00

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