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Good Earth

Nobel Laureate Pearl S. Buck’s epic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about a vanished China and one family’s shifting fortunes.

In The Good Earth Pearl S. Buck paints an indelible portrait of China in the 1920s, when the last emperor reigned and the vast political and social upheavals of the twentieth century were but distant rumblings. This moving, classic story of the honest farmer Wang Lung and his selfless wife O-Lan who overcome the forces of nature and the frailties of human nature to become wealthy landowners. This is must reading for those who would fully appreciate the sweeping changes that have occurred in the lives of the Chinese people during the last century.

Nobel Prize winner Pearl S. Buck traces the whole cycle of life: its terrors, its passions, its ambitions and rewards. Her brilliant novel—beloved by millions of readers—is a universal tale of an ordinary family caught in the tide of history.

Reading Level 10.  
Interest Level 9-12.  
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