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Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths

The earth breeds giants and ogres of indescribable horror -- the heavens hold omnipotent gods and goddesses, abounding in courage, strength and wisdom.

Zeus, the almighty king of the gods, who cannot resist feminine beauty -- mortal or divine, and his jealous and vengeful wife, Hera.

Perseus, fearless mortal warrior, who takes on an impossible challenge: slaying the monstrous Medusa, whose glance turns men to stone.

The Minotaur, half-man and half-bull, the horrible fruit of a queen's unspeakable desire, who annually destroys the young victims sacrificed to his terrifying power.

A fantastic world of spells and curses, magic and mystery, forces that create and destroy at will. Provides retellings of the ancient Greek myths, arranged in four sections: the Gods, Nature Myths, Demigods, and Fables and includes a brief section on words from the Greek myths which are part of the English language.

Reading Level 9.  
Interest Level 9-12.  
WB-2616 Paperback $6.99
WB-9098202 Cover Craft $16.25
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