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MCP Plaid Phonics: Grade K

Modern Curriculum Press Plaid Phonics incorporates the most current research-based instruction for phonemic awareness and phonics while it celebrates over 50 years of successfully helping more than 55 million children learn to read.  Its proven scope and sequence, along with the abundance of practice, review and application of skills, ensures comprehensive coverage and supports best practices in phonics instruction.  Each Student Workbook is broken into units that introduce skills to your students and end with a review of these skills.  The unit lessons are clearly divided into specific skills making it easy for you to decide which skills to focus on for your curriculum.  Student Workbooks are in full color.  The spiral-bound Teacher Resource Guide provides everything you need to teach phonics to your students.  The guide includes detailed lesson plans and assessment options along with phonics games, activities, and other ideas for instruction. Answers are in the Teacher Resource Guide only.  There are no answers in the Student Workbook. Copyright 2011.

MCP Plaid Phonics: Level K  Level K develops the alphabetic and phonemic awareness, phonics, and the oral language skills youngsters need.  Letters and sounds are introduced through a consistent six-page lesson sequence which includes letter recognition, writing that letter, phonemic awareness, sound-symbol correspondence, and a Picture Dictionary page.  Kindergarten.  243 pages.

WB-8430914 Student Workbook $14.50
WB-8430983 Teacher Resource Guide $77.00
WB-4430914 Group Set - A Group Set has ten Student Workbooks. $137.75
WB-5430914 Class Set - A Class Set has thirty Student Workbooks. $413.25
WB-8439684 Homeschool Bundle - A Homeschool Bundle has one Student Workbook, one Teacher Resource Guide, and one parent Guide $81.00

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