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40 Ways to Support Struggling Readers In Content Classrooms

Help for students who are overwhelmed, feel confused, can't remember, lack language skills, or just don't get it. In today's era of accountability, teachers are expected to help all secondary students understand complex concepts and ideas and demonstrate proficiency on high-stakes tests. To promote success for struggling readers in all content areas, expert educator Elaine K. McEwan offers 40 user-friendly and easy-to-implement strategies in an invaluable text that includes three tables of contents (traditional, topical, and problem-solving) formatted for quick and easy reference. Each of the 40 research-based and classroom-tested techniques features: an intriguing quotation or definition to grab your attention, a brief description of the method and suggestions for implementation, recommended resources to gain a more in-depth understanding of the method, research citations to demonstrate the power of the method to get results. Offering cross-references and advance organizers throughout, this book provides the specific yet comprehensive information you need to support all students with reading difficulties. 200 pages. Grades 6-12.
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